Marshalls Registered Professional Driveway, Patio and Paving Contractor

Installing a new driveway, patio or pathway can be a big decision. Fylde Paving can guarantee you will recieve a beautiful, practical, durable installation that could add value to your property or make a property more sellable.

Fylde Paving has been delivering quality driveways, patios and paving for 20 years across the Fylde Coast area. We can install your paving or driveway if you live near Blackpool, Preston, Lytham or Kirkham. Our customers can be sure to recieve a top quality service from a Marshalls approved driveway contractor and all of our customers have the option of recieving a Marshalls backed 10 year guarantee.
Fylde Paving has been providing premium quality paving and block paving installations in the Blackpool and Preston area for 20 years. As a Marshalls approved contractor, we can guarantee your installation will be of the highest quality.

For an instant quote, call us now on 01253 726501.

Fylde Paving's driveways don't just look good, they are also very durable. We make sure the your driveway is built on solid foundations and we ensure your driveway will be able to drain properly in bad weather.

For an instant quote, call us now on 01253 726501.

*Never accept verbal estimates, always insist om written quotations

*Quotations should ideally be on headed paper and ideally with the company VAT registration number clearly identified

*Always ensure you know the company office address and telephone number (not just a mobile)

*Beware of installers who can start immediately, a reputable company will need advance warning of a start date

*Genuine Marshalls registered installers will never 'cold call'

*If you have any doubts about a Marshalls installer then call Marshalls on 0845 300 30 30

*Is the installer prepared to offer you a guarantee for the work? If not then consider this very carefully before entering into any contract

Types of Stone

Indian Stone

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Indian sandstone has become popular in the UK in recent years, and at its best its reputation for strength and beauty is justified. However, not all natural stone is equal, and many of the cheaper sandstone's available in the UK are soft and porous, making them weak and prone to algae, lichen growth or to cracking and unable to withstand our harsh British frosts..


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Areas That We Work.

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